We are the market partner in the supply and installation of artificial grass and landscaping projects.

This is now complementing our services is Golden Brick Infra, powered by Coral Sports Infra Pvt Ltd, and specializing in top-tier artificial football turf and sports field installation., Our multi-sports surfaces have been developed to meet different sporting combinations to achieve the expected global standards. Golden Brick Infra Provides Consultation, Installation, Service and maintenance of all types of sports fields.

Key Features

Golden Brick team is dynamic, resourceful, and efficient, we have installed sports fields in any challenging locations.

  • Meeting the absolute highest standards for synthetic turf surfaces will reflect on the performance of the players.
  • Our Project Executor has more than 15 years of experience in the field in India and abroad.
  • Our method of base work with turf retains evenness and natural ball bounce
  • We can guarantee that the Golden Brick sports surface will deliver the performance your member will have and most importantly will be safe playing on.
  • We help our customers maintain the best quality sports field that lasts, longer and play better.
Artificial Grass for Sports Field


  • Artificial Grass for sports field
  • Artificial grass for Balcony
  • Artificial grass for green-wall
  • We undertaking turn-key projects for football, vollyball, batminton and basketball Courts.
Synthetic Artificial Turf Football Turf



Each installation is supported with a comprehensive design layout.

Fencing, lighting, and accessories

We also undertake court and field lighting and net covering for the sports fields.


From pre-site inspections to ensure we understand the unique challenges of your site to designing and construction plans including drainage and surrounds.


To ensure a quality installation, we have a team of expert installers who are adept at their job and have specialized training and equipment to carry out the Same


To preserve the quality and playability of your playing surface. We offer a maintenance service to all owners of our installation.

We offer a guarantee period of 5-8 years

Different Size of
Football Ground

Football Field Installation
Football Turf Installation
Football Turf Kerala


Durable Turf Fibers

Finding a durable fiber system is key when selecting your turf system.

High Quality infill materials

Low grade rubber materials can cause premature wear of a turf filed, quality rubber granules works to promote effective and consistent drainage

Proper infill depth

This will ensure proper playability and longevity of the fiber, while also maintaining a grass like appearance. And giving shock absorption and energy restitution.

Artificial Grass Projects

Badminton Court

badminton court installation
badminton court installation services
Synthetic Badminton Court


Synthetic Cricket Pitch
Cricket Turf Manufacturers

Our product range for the
following segments

  • UV Protector for Sunrays
  • Lead Free
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Fire Retardant
  • Pet Friendly
turf installation services in kerala


Artificial Grass Projects


Indoor Outdoor Turf


Kids Outdoor Playground Equipment


Artificial Grass for Balcony


Artificial turf for pets


turf installation services Football Turf installation company in Kerala

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